Case Study

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar AR Experience

Secret Spirits offers immersive alcoholic beverage products that creates a unique experience for their consumer. The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar consists of 25 entirely unique whiskies that takes the consumer on a journey of discovery through Scottish whisky regions. The passion for their products, unique storytelling, and one-of-a-kind packaging makes it a must-have product for whisky lovers.


Secret Spirits has prided itself on creating an event around their products; shaping their customers experience with unique storytelling has been a staple since day one. They take their users on a journey of mystery, discovering and delight. Adding augmented reality was a chance to bring an already rich story to life in a way that is more immersive than anything they’ve done before.

First Descent worked with the creative team at Secret Spirits to tell a story with augmented reality. That story includes a 3D animation of the advent calendar box that opens to reveal a layer of fog rolling out while the kilt clad owner (Secret Spirits owner Jonathon Bray) stands on a map of Scotland describing the product and the journey he takes to deliver it to the consumer. It also includes a narrative voice over for a little comedic relief as well as an interactive menu in the experience itself so users can visit their site and place an order.

Secret Spirits is an app-based AR experience. By using the front of the box as the visual marker Secret spirits was able to ensure that not only this addition but any previous or prior edition would run the AR as long as the box doesn't change.

Including augmented reality allowed Secret Spirits to enhance the engagement of our customers through cutting edge technology while bringing the tradition and history to life.
Jonathon Bray
Owner, Secret Spirits


Augmented reality added another layer of storytelling to Secret Spirits already rich product experience. The unique experience has added an additional selling feature to this product, while separating Secret Spirits in a crowded market.


Customers that purchase the Scotch Whiskey Advent Calendar receive so much more than a great scotch whisky tasting experience. They get to experience the story, history and journey of the products itself.