Case Study

Find The Penguin game

Despite what your parents always told you, you CAN play with your food! A major food brand used an interactive AR gaming experience to entertain their young consumer base and up-level product packaging.

A fellow marketing agency wanted to re-imagine an existing campaign for a major food brand in a fun and innovative way that integrated a tech-based medium – web-based Augmented Reality. Since they didn’t have the experience or resources to produce it in-house, they turned to First Descent AR to partner with and provide a customized, white-label AR experience that would impress the end client.


With a strong campaign basis already under way, the challenge was to develop an AR experience that supported the already existing campaign with strong, foundational storytelling and simultaneously repurposed it in a new and innovative execution that would engage consumers. First Descent AR worked closely with the partnering agency to implement research and testing for the desired target audience and buyer-persona development.


Product Packaging & Web Based AR

After initial research, First Descent AR's development team worked tirelessly to bring to life an augmented reality game that users of all ages could enjoy time and time again. First Descent AR used the existing product packaging as the vehicle to bring the technology experience directly into consumer’s homes.

Penguin Game!

The game needed to be simple enough to use, so that even the youngest customers could pick it up and enjoy. The result was a game that lets users view floating icebergs around them in a 360-degree manner, introducing the main character – the “penguin” and other secondary characters. The goal of the game was to spot and select the penguin.

Connected packaging is a great way to add value after the purchase, it can look like a game, or a tutorial or recommendations to other product.


This experience added value to the end consumers by extending the brand experience beyond the point of purchase. In other words, consumers were able to engage with the product (and therefore the brand) in a positive way right from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, this initiative presented an increased opportunity to create loyal “brand ambassadors”. Satisfied consumers could socially share their fun experience via social media and Word of Mouth

Try to find the penguin QR code
Penguin gameplay
Find the penguin start game screen
Find the penguin gameplay
Find the penguin gameplay screen
Find the penguin using the game
Find the penguin playing the game
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