Case Study

A new way of learning for Wheat growers!

NexusBioAg is a Canadian Ag company that provides crop nutrition solutions to Canadian growers through a portfolio that includes industry leading inoculants, micronutrients, nitrogen stabilizers, and foliar products. For years, NexusBioAg has been helping Canadian growers and retailers run their businesses more efficiently and anticipate, navigate, and leverage meaningful growth opportunities.


In a time where COVID-19 restrictions limited in-person interactions and tradeshows no longer were a viable option, NexusBioAg wanted to find new, meaningful, and interesting ways to explain and portray valuable information on their newly launched inoculant BioniQ, while keeping the health and safety of their customers and team top of mind.


The First Descent AR team suggested that NexusBioAg take their audience underground by using Augmented Reality and world tracking. The purpose of the AR experience was to stop and hold the audience’s attention in order to provide valuable information about the new BioniQ product. In an industry where the competition is tough and brand loyalty is strong, it was important to include a marketing tactic that would make people stop and think. The concept of o taking growers underground to the “root” of the product was developed. Using world tracking First Descent AR was able to put growers below ground, surrounded by four content pieces showing the audience how the BioniQ product works, educate growers on the features & benefits in one immersive experience.

With restrictions to in-person interactions – an augmented reality experience was a perfect solution to get information out to clients in an interactive way that they could explore in their own time.


By pivoting to a digital solution, NexusBioAg was able to launch a new product and educate their audience on its features and benefits at a time where the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on in-person interactions. The unique visual and audio platform allowed the client to share data outside of the usual 2D print format, making for a more engaging, interactive journey. This solution provided Nexus with an enhanced opportunity to showcase the product features and educate potential clients on how to use the product, all while keeping their staff and consumers safe during some uncertain times.


AR experience results: the campaign ran from From Feb 4th – Mar 30th,2021

81 unique interactions

132 total interactions

3:40 avg time in AR experience (based off 325 page views)

50.26% bounce rate

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