What’s difference between a native AR app and web-based AR?

by First Descent AR • Mar 29 2023

Augmented Reality(AR)usage has increased over the years and even more so through the massive digital shift we saw companies make to stay relevant (and profitable) during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can test nail polish colours, view products up close, try products on and play games all while staying in the...

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Exploring Six Types of AR Experiences – Which One’s Right For Your Project?

by First Descent AR • Nov 25 2022

Creating an AR experience for the first time can be intimidating. It seems like across the Metaverse, there is something new popping up every week, around Extended Reality or Web3. In an ever-evolving ecosystem, just figuring out where to start can be a barrier to entry. Never fear. If you’re...

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What the heck is Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality?

by First Descent AR • Sep 12 2022

Technology is continuously evolving and bringing new capabilities to our everyday life. “Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside” is just one example how companies have brought tech to us that we didn’t even know we needed. The excitement over Augmented Reality (AR) has skyrocketed over the past few years, but...

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More than an off-the-self solution: How Connected Packaging builds customer awareness and engagement.

by First Descent AR • Mar 03 2022

It’s tough to stand out in a crowded physical retail environment. You’re competing with the scent of deep-fried goodness wafting in from the food court, and the bustle of families all around you. On top of that – your packaged product is literally flanked by its competitors on the shelf....

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What the hell is Meta?

by First Descent AR • Dec 02 2021

I’ve had a long career with the word. Lately, it’s become quite “buzzy”, and I thought I would weigh in and try to explain where I think this is all going. My first encounter with the word meta was of course its dictionary meaning “beyond”. Later in life, as I...

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Innovative Event Marketing Using AR: How to Keep Up with the Modern Consumer

by First Descent AR • Jan 16 2020

How your grandmother bought her soda pop fifty years ago is probably way different than how you buy it today. Back then, she would have seen an ad on TV (in colour, if she was lucky!) with models running around in the park, happily roller skating while balancing a soda...

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Augmented Reality: How Businesses Can Successfully Incorporate AR into Their Customers’ Shopping Experiences

by First Descent AR • Jan 16 2020

It is no surprise that advances in technology have affected the retail industry, from how we search and shop for items to how we eventually pull the trigger (or tap the button) on that final purchase. One of the more recent technologies that has impacted the online retail experience for...

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First Descent brings the Holiday Cheer with Purolator AR Experience

by First Descent AR • Jan 16 2020

Purolator, with help from First Descent AR and Rodmell & Company, incorporated an augmented reality experience in their seasonal campaign ‘We deliver the Holidays’. Continuing to position themselves as an innovative company using the cutting-edge of technology; Purolator’s most recent holiday marketing efforts found a fun snowy way to engage...

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AR Marketing: 3 Innovative Campaigns Ideas for Your Business in 2019

by First Descent AR • Apr 10 2019

2018 has come and gone, but not without leaving an indelible mark. If you thought in 2017 that tech-based marketing would be on its way to hitting a plateau, 2018 showed that nothing could be further from the truth. Brands are still managing to find new and creative ways to...

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Augmented Reality & Inbound Marketing: How Would That Work?

by First Descent AR • Mar 27 2019

Due to the advent of smart technology, it seems the world has changed overnight. According to a Pew Research Center study, 95% of Americans today own a cellphone with 77% of those being a smartphone. These numbers continue to climb. And that’s just the United States. Imagine the billions of...

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2019 AR Trends: What the Business Industry Can Expect from Augmented Reality

by First Descent AR • Mar 13 2019

There’s a special sauce in the tech industry that today’s entrepreneurs can’t seem to get enough of – augmented reality. The revolutionary digital innovation has taken the world by storm since the introduction of Pokémon Go - the viral mobile game that, in 2016, prompted imaginative gamers to come out...

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Augmented Reality in Marketing: Planning and Launching Your Next Campaign

by First Descent AR • Mar 01 2019

If you can imagine Pikachu having pizza with Yoda or Godzilla gatecrashing a party in Hollywood going viral on social media, you already have an idea what augmented reality (AR) can do for your business. AR embeds virtual images to real-world settings, which elevates not just the viewer’s experience but...

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Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR)

by First Descent AR • Dec 19 2018

While the real world can be amazing in its own right, some people want more; to be heroes or vigilantes, to save the princess or rule a kingdom. They seek an adventure in a completely virtual reality, where one can slay demons, cast spells, and craft entire worlds (from our...

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Client Work: First Descent AR Studio Project's React Video

by First Descent AR • Nov 05 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides the opportunity to create unexpected new interactions with a traditional printed piece. Recently, Sherpa AR teamed up with McMaster Engineering and McMaster Engineering Students’ Society to create an AR experience for new students. The Challenge McMaster Engineering wanted to send out a “Welcome Kit” to...

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How We Bring Augmented Reality to Life

by First Descent AR • Oct 18 2018

Bringing Augmented Reality (AR) projects to life continues to be a fun challenge. Graphics and processing technology have advanced rapidly over the past few years, creating space for more intricate developments and applications. This has paved the way for new user experiences for both desktop and mobile users. Among the...

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How Brands Are Using Augmented Reality

by First Descent AR • Sep 27 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) has been receiving a lot of attention for the past few years, though only now we are beginning to see the technology catch up to that hype. While people have been using Snapchat filters, or still playing Pokémon Go, some incredible applications have been developed and countless...

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What is Augmented Reality & Why is it Trending?

by First Descent AR • Aug 28 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been around for some time now, though it has only recently begun to make some serious splashes as it makes its way into the hands of consumers. Augmented Reality is a digital image overlaid onto the real world. AR is the future of information delivery,...

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