First Descent brings the Holiday Cheer with Purolator AR Experience

by First Descent AR • 16 January 2020

Purolator, with help from First Descent AR and Rodmell & Company, incorporated an augmented reality experience in their seasonal campaign ‘We deliver the Holidays’.

Continuing to position themselves as an innovative company using the cutting-edge of technology; Purolator’s most recent holiday marketing efforts found a fun snowy way to engage its customer base.

The festive web-based augmented reality experience was coded and animated by First Descent AR; who was tasked with creating an AR version of the snow globe that would complement other elements of Purolator’s marketing campaign. Watch the experience below!

First Descent added different layers of engagement to the overall AR experience. People could interact with the content by clicking on the Purolator branded truck to make it hop and honk. Additional elements such as coupons, charitable donations and a ‘Say Thanks’ feature delivered an interactive and frictionless user-experience.

First Descnet was proud to deliver the project on a tight timeline so both client and Rodmell, Purolator’s creative agency, could launch the whole campaign on solid footing.

“Beyond the excitement of the project, the fact that we were able to turn it around quickly and smoothly with so many vested parties, that gave me the most satisfaction,” says First Descent XR Developer, Boris Ibanez.

Fun fact: More than 2000 people have already clicked the Horn on the Purolator truck.


The technology overlays 3D content onto a scene, using QR codes and markers, which become the anchor points of the AR experience. This type of marker-based AR can be introduced on different print media such as logos, product packaging, posters, machinery manuals, or brochures.


From the standpoint of customer engagement and earned media Purolator’s ‘We Deliver the Holidays’ AR campaign was a success. What is just as impressive is the project was delivered in less than 2 months and First Descent completed their part of the project under budget.
By incorporating AR into their marketing mix, Purolator was able to engage their customer base in a fresh way, build brand equity and position their brand as continually on-trend.

Purolator’s campaign shows marketers and entrepreneurs the capabilities of AR are not limited to multi-billion-dollar companies like IKEA, Starbucks, Wayfair, Coca-Cola, etc. It truly is a tool that can bring 2D experiences to life, extending a company’s brand value.

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