Client Work: First Descent AR Studio Project’s React Video

by First Descent AR • 5 November 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides the opportunity to create unexpected new interactions with a traditional printed piece.

Recently, Sherpa AR teamed up with McMaster Engineering and McMaster Engineering Students’ Society to create an AR experience for new students.

The Challenge

McMaster Engineering wanted to send out a “Welcome Kit” to new students of the faculty that was engaging, memorable, and interactive, to excite students about the upcoming year, and make them aware of various upcoming events.
Through research, McMaster Engineering found that creating an engaging “Welcome Kit” would be more difficult than originally anticipated. They discovered that direct mailing a brochure or handout would often get overlooked by students and would not be considered “fridge material”.

McMaster Engineering first consulted with us to see what options there were.

The AR Solution

Upon further investigation, Sherpa Marketing found that McMaster Engineering strongly believes in the pursuit of excellence and strives to be known internationally as a leader in the engineering world.
Equipped with these beliefs, Sherpa Marketing developed a strategy with Sherpa AR to create an AR app that could be used seamlessly with the Welcome Kit, to deliver a new innovative experience, an experience that drives engagement, delivers “Wow” and follows McMaster’s brand identity.

The AR app enhanced McMaster’s “Welcome Kit” with various AR embedded markers printed throughout the kit. As seen in the video, when a user points their smartphone or tablet camera to a marker on the “Welcome Kit”, the printed page would come to life - interacting directly with the user.

There were various AR elements featured in this “Welcome Kit”. For example, one AR marker would trigger a sand castle to be constructed from the page and feature a video of two students talking to the user from the rooftop of the sand castle.

The Result

We’ll let the result speak for themselves with this video…

Students, faculty, and staff were blown away with this AR experience. McMaster Engineering stayed true to their mission and vision, and continues to build their brand as a leader in the engineering world.