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  • First Descent's proven 7-step AR Quickstart process
  • AR Ideation Worksheet for coming up with world-class AR project ideas for your clients
  • 6 AR stats you (and your clients) can't ignore
  • 10-point Checklist for onboarding an AR developer

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National VP at First Descent AR. We help agencies add AR /VR to their ‘services’ by providing white-label development & behind-the-scenes project consulting.

Whether you’re extremely familiar with the world of Augmented Reality
or not, after reading this guide, your agency will have the knowledge and
a blueprint to confidently offer AR services to your clients.

All without doing it in-house... you can start offering this tomorrow...
this guide will show you how.

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If you're an agency, we help clients like you every day bring amazing AR/VR solutions to your clients.

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Download the AR Quick Start Guide now!

    AR "Quick Start" Guide

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